Cherokee Investment Partners LLC
Hey, my name is Cherokee Investment Partners LLC and this is my portfolio. Cherokee is the leading private equity firm investing capital and expertise in brownfield redevelopment. For more than two decades, Cherokee’s executive team has produced strong financial returns while delivering positive environmental and social results. Cherokee has invested in more than 525 properties worldwide. The firm has nearly $2 billion under management and is currently investing its fourth fund. The company has evolved its leadership role in the reclamation of brownfields by applying expertise, creativity, and resolve to the sustainable redevelopment of properties after remediation. Cherokee works on behalf of its investors and takes seriously Cherokee Investment Partners’ role as fiduciaries. Through strategic investment in undervalued properties and a unique approach to redevelopment, they deliver strong financial returns. Cherokee Investment Partners’ emphasis on stewardship means Cherokee Investment Partners care for the financial resources with which there have been entrusted at a level that allows us to give back more than Cherokee Investment Partners receive. Cherokee Investment Partners‘ track record is built on nearly 15 years of successfully cleaning up and revitalizing real estate. The team of experienced real estate and investment professionals, their access to capital, and the leadership in the field are evident in the properties they have transformed and the consistent, sustainable returns Cherokee Investment Partners generate. Further, Cherokee Investment Partners’ work has shown that profitability and responsibility are not mutually exclusive; they go hand in hand.

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